*Chasing Thunder
Tales of the Lady
Primeval Journey
Reflections from -
a Bubble Bath
Solitary Flight
The Wizard
The Crossover
Echoes In The Ice
Man of Stone
An Apology
*Cobweb Hammock
*Once Ag'in
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From the Attic

Three poems from the book:

Once Ag'in

I placed a chair in the center of my mind,
Looked up into the eyes of the night,
Then down into the maze.
I remember now the reason for the sweet smoke,
I recognize the taste of euphoria.

I broke into my mind
Once ag'in.
Examining my life from the inside out,
Peering thru the blackness of thought,
I find empty shelves.

I pulled a chair to the rings of Saturn,
Sat with my head in my hands,
Anger for all the dreams.
I enveloped my senses and studied the emotions.
I escaped into the stars, into the clouds.

I became lost in reality
Once ag'in.
The labyrinth, grey and foggy,
Echoes strings and whispers.
Shadows dance in darkness.
Chasing Thunder

Listen as the flame burns.
Listen as the bubbles burst.

Witness the burning trees.
Witness the dying fish.

Encompass the world in smoke.
Encompass the Earth in death.

Bring forth the czars of profit.
Bring forth the hatred of race.

Listen as the rain falls.
Listen as the snow melts.

Witness the colour of sound.
Witness the silence of sight.

Encompass thyself with the world.
Encompass the Earth in thought.

Bring forth the Mother, nature.
Bring forth the compassion within.
Cobweb Hammock

I want to be cocooned in a cobweb hammock,
Wrapped in warmth and security,
And sleep the sleep of a thousand slaves.

I want to burn the sunset onto my eyes,
Cascaded in dew from tears,
And leave the planetary bonds behind.

I want to listen to the rythmn of a star,
Lost to explore the darkness,
And let the child create.

I want to inhale the spores of a distant mind,
Trapped inside a shell,
And explore distant worlds.

I want to watch as words vibrate the horizon,
Cushioned by clouds at dawn,
And learn to live in peace.

I want to be entombed in the centre of the sun,
Freed of despair and the cold,
And watch time pass into oblivion. Buy Now style 2 button