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Albert Samuel Tukker was born in the Central Plains and spent his childhood there. Before completing high school he dropped out and joined the Navy. A four year stint, including a seven month cruise and several shorter excursions, left him with a love for the sea.

He started writing in his mid-teens. Blurbs turned into poetry, then prose, vignettes, short stories, novels. Some periods in his life producing more work, other times working for survival and barely writing.

Al is now living in Texas where he hopes to finish his latest work soon.

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Press release for Tukker's first book signing event.

It's here;

in the emptiness, the hollows of the mind, the voids of the soul - where the echoes have a tendency to ricochet off the misshapen walls, reverberating. . .

It's here;

that it's possible to become lost, amidst the shadows of dreams and fears and the endless curving of time and imagination...

It's here. . .