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Alec Harrington is trapped inside a computer-generated, alternate universe, battling cyber antagonists as he searches for a way out. While Alec fights his way through level after level, police Detective Hall looks for answers to some very macabre murders in his precinct. A fast paced action story with hints of romance, a bit of gore, and a touch of suspense.

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Violence, gore

Justyn Thyme is a man disillusioned with the American Dream and disgusted with the way humankind is headed. He tries to escape the madness on a beautiful schooner, only to return to take on the world. Join JT as he takes a cruise on, meets, then becomes, the StoneAge Wizard.

"Ever wonder how a roach perceives the world? Smoke one and find out."   -Rory Tristan

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Drug reference

Sound that kills. You can't hear it, but your body can. It's directional. It's range unlimited. But it's not owned by any government. It's not in the hands of terrorists. It's in the possession of a lunatic in the American desert.

A hitchhiker is recruited by a spider to save the world from this maniac. Ride along as he takes a trip inside glass reality.

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Violence, gore, drug reference

2007 Science Fiction Book of the Year

The Mayan's prediction of the "end of the world" coincides with modern archeological findings, studies that concentrated on the magnetic orientation of strata. Their findings are astounding, their prediction unnerving.
This is the premise of "Pole Shift", Tukker's plausible possibility of what happens to a fragile civilization, and the horror of life afterwards.

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Violence, gore, drug reference

It isn't always as clear as
night and day.

Lines blur.

Sometimes, the choices
you have to make breaks
your heart.

they have to.

And sometimes,
life can just get too real.

Forrest Woods' and Claire Samuels'
adventure continues
through what Alf Rosten called,
the Ribbon Years.

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Violence, gore, drug reference

2009 Third Place winner in Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
from Premier Book Awards

Infected, Jules finds he can't control the Rage from releasing again and again. He criss-crosses the country running from authorities and looking for answers.

He is directed to Curtiss Manor on the Oregon coast, where a parapsychologist might be able to help him.

Shortly after his arrival, Jules is thrust deep into the past of the Manor, where he becomes a part of it.

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Violence, gore


Nearly killed for witnessing a crime, Rory Tristan lives life on the run, on the road, on the edge of society.
If you read StoneAge Wizard, you'll want to check out Dawn of the Wizard.
If you haven't, no need to; Dawn of the Wizard stands quite well as a story on its own.

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Violence, gore, drug use


A population mutated into a murdering, ravenous horde must be dealt with quickly and quietly.
While dealing with the mutant horde, Major Neil Falcon discovers the secret behind the mutations and fights to expose it.

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Violence, gore


Five short stories from the Attic of Al Tukker. All written in the first person, hence the title.
Fences: a glimpse at insanity, and the line you cross to get there.
Alone: another glimpse, but from a different angle.
Smokestone: Smokestone finds himself on the run from the government. He doesn't know what he's done, or seen, but he knows they want him alive. It just doesn't always happen that way.
Pillow Fight: a brief monologue from war.
Pipe Dreams: Pipe Dreams are what Ben finds himself having as he races through a concrete tunnel from one coast to another(Tucson to Atlanta). He knows a secret only a few others share. He also knows about one even fewer know about.

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Violence, gore


1. Peaches An unsuccessful hero
2. The Accident A study in guilt.
3. And In The End Revenge of an unlikely victim.
4. The One-Night Stand Dare to find out why he never has a second date.
5. Aubrey Modern chemicals mixed with a bizarre imagination.
6. Hearing Nothing Is there more to pot smoking than they're letting on?
7. Slaves of Adara Four Escape from a planet run by cockroaches. Big cockroaches.
8. Flies An unfortunate accident leads to a celebration.
9. Nite Stand A mind trip into a museum display.
10. Squid Yup. Just what it says. Lots of the nasty little creatures, too.
11. The Patrol A soldier with a conscience.

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Violence, gore, drug use

Twenty-three poems from the attic of Al Tukker.

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