Teddy, as he likes to be called, started his library in 2000. He wants to keep expanding it, even if it's one book at a time. I've decided to give him a hand with that expansion. I've a few books now I can send him.

If you know an author that would be interested in donating a book or two to Teddy's library, please let them know about Teddy.


Glowinskis' Library

Tadeusz Glowinski lives in Olesnica, Poland. He says he found me on "Writer's Net". No, he wasn't looking for me in particular, just writers willing to part with a copy of their book for his library. He dropped me a simple e-mail with this link. I read the article, then e-mailed him to make sure he wanted one of MY books. He replied that sure enough, he did.

I am proud to say that a copy of "Pole Shift" will be in Glowinski's Library by August 2008. For more information about Mr. Glowinski and his library, please visit his website: http://glowinski.olesnica.pl/


email: ASTukker@AlbertSamuelTukker.com