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June 2012


Tukker's stories dwell on the fringes. His minimalist style fill the pages with words that flow and enthrall.

Drawn by Gem

To get an idea of Tukker's style, you can read One Last Good Drunk at A Taste of Tukker. If you enjoy it, you are sure to like Tukker's other work. His poetry, however, may be an acquired taste. Twenty-two poems are featured in From the Attic. Three are on the preview page. There is also a poem at PotD, Poem of the Day.

All natural and organic
No additives or preservatives
No pesticides or herbicides
Sodium and fat free

Tukker does not do social media.

If you wish to contact him use the email at the bottom of each page.
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2007 Science Fiction Book of the Year
It's on the web somewhere.
Review of POLE SHIFT at Best Sellers World
Review of POLE SHIFT II at Best Sellers World

2009 Third Place winner in Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
from Premier Book Awards

Review of The RAGE at Best Sellers World

Some readers comments on Tukker's work:

"Highly recommended read!!!!!"

"A truly original take on the sci-fi vision."

"You are talented"

"Thank you for the exciting ride!"

" are a natural."

"Good work!"

"The most original story I've read in a very long time!"

" have a gift for writing."

"A real page turner."

"I asked Al to write another book."

" seems to me that each of your books are so different."

"Pole Shift and Rage are some of your best work! Those two books to me equal any King or Koontz book out there, and Pole Shift, with the exception of Wolf's Hour by Robert McCammon is my very favorite of all the books I have read."

"...Your forever fan..."

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